Interior Wipes for Aircraft Cleaning

Aircraft cleaning is an important element when operating planes and helicopters of all types. When flying is for commercial purposes, keeping the cabin and toilets clean not only provides a pleasant customer experience but stops the spread of infections. Whether you fly business class, first class, or economy, each flight has the potential to carry many invisible stowaways in the form of germs and bacteria. Planes are crowded modes of transport with fast turnaround times and the interior surfaces are the perfect location for the transfer of microbes and bacteria.

Aircraft Cleaning Interior Wipes

Aircraft Cleaning Wipes for Short and Long Haul Flights

Aircraft cleaning teams operate on a very tight time structure. Be it a “Turn Clean” between short flights, a Remain Overnight (RON) Clean, or a Deep Clean when the plane is grounded for a routine overhaul. Speciality Wipes has highly effective cleaning technology to make the task as efficient as possible. Helping airlines achieve high standards of cleanliness to keep crew and passengers safe and healthy.

Our aircraft interior wipes are designed to be used for moderate to heavy contamination on a range of polycarbonate surfaces including cabin walls, seat backs, luggage bins, etc.  The product is available in a standard large bucket for MRO or in a smaller handy pack for in-flight aircraft cleaning or where the product is required to be more portable.

May be used in the following areas:

  • Trays
  • Toilet compartments including basins, toilets and surroundings
  • Galleys
  • Cabins including bulkheads, drop-down tables, …
  • Armrests

Active liquid approvals:

Boeing D6-7127 Revision M


The product is available in both an AMS3819, BMF15-5F approved Veraclean® fabric or alternatively in our standard ultra high performance apertured base fabric.

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If you’re looking to have a product made specifically for your aircraft cleaning processes, get in touch with us. We design wipes that fit seamlessly with you and your tasks, taking every detail into account to ensure that nothing is overlooked.